Commercial Pages

  • Rewires


    Whether you are a shop, office, hotel, restaurant or any other business we can help to plan your electrical system.
  • Sockets


    We can help you locate electrical sockets outlets in the areas where you need them the most around your premises
  • Lighting


    Looking for energy efficient lighting solutions? We can help to improve the efficiency of your current lighting installation.
  • Smoke Alarm Systems

    Smoke Alarm Systems

    Do you have the right fire protection for your property? Are you looking for better protection?
  • Earthing Upgrades

    Earthing Upgrades

    We can check and upgrade the earthing for your property against your system requirements and the current BS7671 Wiring Regulations.
  • New & Replacement Consumer Units

    New & Replacement Consumer Units

    Old fuse boards can still be found in many properties today throughout the UK, some as old as 40-50 years...
  • Fault Finding & Repair

    Fault Finding & Repair

    If an electrical installation is not maintained or was installed incorrectly to begin with, things can go very wrong.
  • Electrical Installation Condition Report

    Electrical Installation Condition Report

    Regular inspection and testing of electrical installations is necessary because over time the condition of installations will deteriorate.
  • Security Lighting

    Security Lighting

    There is no doubt that security lighting can often deter criminals by preventing them to get to their targeted destination...
  • Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)

    Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)

    PAT Testing is an important portable appliances testing programme protecting users from electric shock and fire.
  • Thermal Imaging Reports

    Thermal Imaging Reports

    Thermal imaging can help to report on the condition of an electrical installation without the need for any downtime.
  • Energy Monitoring

    Energy Monitoring

    If you would like to find out more about an Energy Monitoring Service please contact us.
  • Maintenance & Repair

    Maintenance & Repair

    A regular preventive maintenance programme can be a cost effective way to keep your organisation running smoothly.
  • Refurbishment


    Sometimes just patching up a property can hide electrical hidden dangers, and will cost more in the long term.
  • Re-lamping & Re-tubing

    Re-lamping & Re-tubing

    Do you generally have to wait a long time before your lights are fixed? Are lighting restrictions causing potential hazards?
  • Emergency Lighting

    Emergency Lighting

    If you require the installation of emergency lighting, call us today to discuss you requirements.
  • Safe Removal

    Safe Removal

    If you have an electrical installation that is unsafe or preventing future development, we can help!
  • 3Ø Three Phase Installations

    3Ø Three Phase Installations

    Are you planning for a brand new 3 Phase supply or refurbishing an existing one?
  • Maintenance Contracts

    Maintenance Contracts

    Contract maintenance is a cost effective and reliable way to ensure that electrical installations are kept in good working order.