Domestic Pages

  • Rewires


    How old is your electrical wiring? Is it safe for its continued use? Cables and accessories deteriorate with age.
  • New Build

    New Build

    Planning a new project or development? We can help with designing, installing and testing your new electrical installation.
  • Extensions / Conservatory

    Extensions / Conservatory

    A new part of the building will need electrical supplies and your existing electrical installation will need to be assessed.
  • Loft Conversions

    Loft Conversions

    Planning a new loft conversion? A new loft conversion will require additional circuits being added to your current supply.
  • Cooker Points

    Cooker Points

    If you are replacing an old electric cooker its better to have the circuit wiring checked by a qualified electrician.
  • Shower Points

    Shower Points

    Want a new electric shower installing? Electric showers can pose a serious risk if they installed incorrectly!
  • Sockets


    The increasing demand for today’s modern electrical appliances and equipment means that there is a greater need for additional sockets.
  • Lighting


    Whether you’re looking for spotlights in your bathroom, pendants for hallways or dimmable lights in your lounge we can help!
  • Extractor Fans & Hoods

    Extractor Fans & Hoods

    Poor ventilation results can cause condensation. This can lead to mould, wall paper peeling, and timber rot.
  • Garden Lighting

    Garden Lighting

    Time to brighten that garden with well-designed lighting? We can illuminate your garden just the way you like it.
  • Garden Power Supplies

    Garden Power Supplies

    We can install equipment that is specially designed to be used safely in outdoor weather conditions and keep you safe.
  • Smoke Alarm Systems

    Smoke Alarm Systems

    Installation of smoke alarms can significantly increase safety by giving warning of a fire, and time to escape the building.
  • Earthing Upgrades

    Earthing Upgrades

    Are your earthing arrangements suitable for your electrical installation? An earth fault can turn a non-critical event more serious.
  • New & Replacement Consumer Units

    New & Replacement Consumer Units

    Is it time to change that old fuse board? Just because its still in use, doesn’t mean its still safe!
  • Fault Finding & Repair

    Fault Finding & Repair

    If an electrical installation hasn’t been maintained on a regular basis things can start to go very wrong.
  • Remedial Repairs

    Remedial Repairs

    Fed up with all those old, discoloured, worn out fittings? The inconvenience of a socket or light not working?
  • Telephone & TV Points

    Telephone & TV Points

    With the increase in data used in our homes, it makes sense to have telephone points where they are convenient.
  • Immersion Heaters

    Immersion Heaters

    If you suspect there is a problem with your Immersion Heater or thermostat, call us now and we can help!
  • Electrical Installation Condition Report

    Electrical Installation Condition Report

    Regular testing of electrical installations is necessary because over time the condition of all installations will deteriorate.
  • Visual Condition Reports

    Visual Condition Reports

    A Visual Condition Rreport will list any defects found and will conclude a summary of an electrical installation.
  • Out Building Power

    Out Building Power

    We can help you plan for a new power supply to your outbuilding so that you can have additional sockets...
  • Security Lighting

    Security Lighting

    Outdoor security lighting from Test It electrical services creates a safer environment for your property.