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Mother and son, 3, electrocuted when electric heater falls in bath

Mother and son, 3, electrocuted when electric heater falls in bath

By Daily Mail Reporter

15th January 2011

A grief-stricken husband has told of his sorrow after a heater he installed in the family bathroom fell in the bath, electrocuting his wife and three-year-old son.

37-year-old Vasilica Arsene from Romania had installed the heater the day before after his children had complained of the cold.

The father-of-three described how he broke the bathroom door down after his seven-year-old son Marco raised the alarm on Thursday evening.

Although Mr Arsene managed to pull them from the water, his son Filip was pronounced dead at the scene.

His 37-year-old wife Liliana died in hospital on Friday morning despite efforts to revive her.
Police said they were treating the deaths as ‘unexplained’ but a source said it appeared they were the result of a terrible accident.

The family had been living in Italy until moving to Britain two months ago.

Speaking through a translator, Mr Arsene, who works in scrap metal, said: ‘Marco went up to see his mother and did not get any answer. I shouted up the stairs and also got nothing. The door was locked, so I broke it down with my body.

‘When I entered the bath was running and I saw my wife and son in the water. I pulled the heater out and pulled out my little baby and wife.’

Mr Arsene shouted for help to Florin Enciu who also lives in the house with his wife and young son.

He contacted another friend Stefan Davidescu to dial 999 as he cannot speak English.

Mr Arsene said: ‘Words cannot describe how I am feeling. I put the heater in there because it was cold. I feel so bad and so sorry. I am in total shock.’

Mr Davidescu said the whole family, including the couple’s daughter Lydia, 14, were devastated.
He said: ‘It was an accident. They were in the bath together and the heater fell in. They were happily married — they had no problems.’

The portable electric heater was on a unit next to the bath and it appeared it had been accidentally knocked into the water.

Mr Arsene, from Calarasi in Romania, moved to Romford from Italy two months ago, with his wife and children following him a month later.

A Scotland Yard spokesman said: ‘We were called to a house in Tennyson Road at about 8.30pm last night. Officers attended along with the fire and ambulance service and found a woman and a child who had suffered a cardiac arrest following an apparent electrocution.’