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5 Steps to Risk Assessment.

A HSE guide to help employers and self employed people to assess risks in the work place.

6 Year Work Guarantee for householder’s

Customer information explaining the 6 year NAPIT Work Guarantee Scheme for domestic properties.

Building work, replacements and repairs to your home.

A Communities and Local Government Publication providing information about to your Local Authority Building Control unless carried the work is carried out by an installer who is registered with a Competent Person Scheme.

Earthing & Bonding – Why on earth does my bonding need checking?

Some home safety advice from NAPIT regarding earthing and bonding.

Electrical Safety & You

A HSE guide outlining basic measures to help you control the risks from you use of electricity at work.

Electrical Safety at Christmas – Christmas lighting quick reference guide.

A good guide to simple precautions and checks for Christmas lights. Stay safe at Christmas!

Electricity in the Home Guide to Fire Safety.

A guide for the Do’s and Don’ts of what and what not to do in the home.

Entertainers Safety for Entertainers.

A HSE guide for entertainers explaining basic measurers to help take control of risks from use of electrical equipment for sound, lighting or other effects.

Guide to Condition Reports for Domestic Premises.

A customer information guide explaining the types of electrical condition reports. Very useful for those buying, selling or letting a property.

Having electrical work done in your home? - Read this first!

Customer information regarding householder’s responsibilities and options for carrying out electrical work in the home, including why you should choose a NAPIT Professional.

Landlords Guide to Electrical Safety.

A very well detailed guide for Landlords covering several area’s of electrical safety.

Maintaining portable electrical equipment in hotels & tourist accommodation

A HSE guide to sets out precautions which you can take to prevent danger from the use of portable electrical equipment in hotels and tourist accommodation.

Maintaining portable electrical equipment in offices.

A HSE guide to sets out precautions which you can take to prevent danger from the use of portable electrical equipment in offices.

New Rules for Safety in the Home

An Office of the Deputy Minister document outlining the new rules (January 2005) for electrical safety in the home.

PART P of the Building Regulations and how it affects you.

A useful guide to Part P (electrical safety) of the Building Regulations and the advantages of using a registered electrician.

RCD’s save lives – amazing bits of kit.

Home safety advice from NAPIT explains all about RCD’s and what you can do to make sure they work effectively and provide protection for your family.

Repairs - A Guide For Landlords & Tenants.

A very useful guide for both Landlords and tenants outlining who is responsible for repairs.

So You Think Your home is Safe – Important safety information.

A very useful guide to electrical safety around the home.

What is a Residual Current Device?

A detailed guide explaining the importance of an RCD and how it could save your life.


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