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3Ø Three Phase Installations
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Ready for a larger 3 Phase electrical distribution system?

Are you planning for a brand new 3 Phase supply or refurbishing an existing one?

Do you need 3 Phase supplies for your machinery?

How Test It Electrical can help!

Whether you are a small retail shop, commercial unit, workshop or even a large warehouse, Test It Electrical can help you with your electrical 3 Phase distribution system.

From general local power and lighting systems to specialist power to machinery, we can help you to arrange your electrical system in a correctly balanced and efficient way…

■ 3-phase supplies and mains distribution panels
■ 3-phase sub main supply cables
■ 3-phase sub distribution boards
■ General local power and lighting systems
■ Specialist power circuits
■ Specialist power circuits to machinery

If you are planning a new project and want a competitive quotation…

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