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Earthing Upgrades
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Are your earthing arrangements suitable for your electrical installation?

Do your lighting points have an earth wire?

Earthing is a very serious issue and yet a commonly overlooked feature of an electrical installation.

Why does it need checking?

The problem is that the earth is not a requisite to making things work and your appliances together with the electrical installation can function without it.

In some older properties, lighting circuits have an absence of an earth and it is therefore vitally important that no Class 1 metal fittings are installed.

The absence of an earth can turn a non-critical event into a very serious one should a fault arise!

If you have decided to carry out any electrical alterations or additions to your electrical installation, we are required, before starting work, to verify the earthing and protective bonding arrangements are adequate.

After completion of the electrical installation work no matter how small the job, the work shall be inspected and tested and a certificate issued.

Part of this process is to verify that the earthing and bonding conductors are correctly sized, installed and terminated correctly.

An upgrade can often be required when companies visit your property to install new or replacement equipment for example gas meters, heating systems, etc.

Above all, correct earthing ensures that there is a minimum risk of a fatal electric shock.

How we can help!

We can check and upgrade the earthing for your property against your system requirements and the current BS7671 Wiring Regulations.

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