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Fault Finding & Repair
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Are you worried about?

■ Loss of power
■ Switch stopped working
■ Fuses keep blowing
■ RCD keeps tripping
■ Lights flickering
■ Tripped circuit breaker
■ Felt an ‘electric shock’ off something
■ Burning fishlike smell
■ Socket hot to touch
■ Expensive downtime

If an electrical installation has not been maintained on a regular basis or has been installed incorrectly to begin with, things can start to go very wrong.

This is when you should give us a call.

Faults can pose a very serious danger of electric fires, electrocution and even death if they are not corrected quickly before the event has had a chance to occur!

Do not take chances!

We offer a complete fault finding and repair service for all Commercial installations covering anything from a tripped circuit breaker to something that could be far more complex.

Downtime can be very expensive loss of business!

We have the knowledge, skills, and expertise to provide a fast solution and effective repair to make your electrical installation safe.

Do not waste another minute!

Call us today on 0792 559 3061 for a free estimate