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Looking for energy efficient lighting solutions?

■ Office lighting
■ Factory lighting
■ Warehouse lighting
■ Retail lighting
■ Security Lighting

Energy costs and efficiency

Lighting can account for a high percentage of energy costs and can often be left switched on for a considerable amount of time with nobody present. This of course is a waste of business money!

Once installed, lighting systems can remain in place for many years without a second look (especially in high positions) until a lamp fails and needs replacing.

Costly lamp replacement

This is when it can become an expensive operation with the cost of a replacement lamp, cost of labour, the means to reach the lamps, valuable downtime and the disposal of the old lamps.

Saving money

Within today’s economic climate and the challenges of reducing the carbon foot print, lighting manufacturers have developed better energy saving lighting products which can help by reducing maintenance costs, re-lamping costs and more importantly your fuel bill costs!

How Test It Electrical can help!

■ Design and install new lighting systems
■ Help to improve the efficiency of your current lighting installation
■ Replace existing light fittings and fixtures

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