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New & Replacement Consumer Units
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Is it time to change those old rewireable fuse boards?

Need more circuits or extra power?

Looking for modern consumer units with better protection?

Old fuse boards can still be found in many properties today throughout the UK. These units could be in the age range of some 40-50 years old plus!

Just because they are still in use doesn’t necessarily mean that they are still safe!

Very often inspections can get overlooked and fuse boards often remain in place as the engine of the system for a much longer period of time.

As with any materials fuse boards also deteriorate with age and should be inspected at a maximum of every 5 years for commercial properties or when there is a change of the property ownership.

5 good reasons to change your old fuse board with a modern new consumer unit:

■ You old fuse board may not be safe!
■ Better electric shock protection is provided using modern 30mA RCD’s (Residual Current Device)units
■ Quicker tripping out times for short circuit and overload currents using new MCB’s (Miniature Circuit Breakers)
■ No rewireable fuses wires to worry about in the dark or during downtimes
■ Quicker circuit reset times using trip switch controlled MCB’s (Miniature Circuit Breakers)

How Test It Electrical can help!

■ We can provide you with a free quotation to replace your old fuse boards with brand new consumer units incorporating RCD’s and MCB’s.
■ Pre-test existing circuits for electrical safety before change over
■ Provide you with new up to date circuit schedules at each consumer unit
■ Label circuits and accessories in line with the new consumer unit.
■ Provide BS7671 Electrical Installation Certificates on completion.

Make a positive change!

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