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Thermal Imaging Reports
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Need an electrical survey without downtime?

Help to prioritise preventative maintenance?

Detect problem areas before any real damage occurs?

Thermal imaging can help to report on the condition of an electrical installation without the need for any downtime.

By using a non-contact infrared camera, early problem areas in electrical installations can be detected before they have a chance to cause greater damage, injury and unplanned outages.

Scanning cables, distribution boards, control panels, switchgear and connections etc can show differences in the normal operating temperatures and pick up hotspots where a problem may be developing.

Thermal Imaging can help identify:-

■ High resistance to current
■ An increase in temperature
■ Failing components (melting, breaking down or catching fire)
■ Personnel Injury
■ Energy spent caused by heat generating losses
■ Expensive breakdowns
■ Overloading cable
■ Overheated connections
■ Load Imbalances
■ Overheating motors

For a fast and effective way of identifying electrical faults without any downtime!

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