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Extractor Fans & Hoods
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Looking for a way to get rid of that Condensation?

Fed up with mould, wallpaper peeling, and timber rot?

Want to get rid of unpleasant smells from kitchens, bathrooms or lavatories?

Poor ventilation results can cause condensation from bathrooms, showers and kitchen areas. This can lead to mould, wallpaper peeling, timber rot and leave unpleasant smells in the kitchen, bathroom and lavatory areas.

Reducing the natural ventilation by sealing doors and windows to conserve heat only makes the situation worse. Installing an extractor fan or hood can help you to overcome these problems.

How Test It Electrical can help!

We can you provide you with several different control options for an extractor fan in your bathroom, kitchen and lavatory. These include the following:

  • Basic Control – Normally wired in with the light switch to simply to turn the fan on and off with the lighting.
  • Timed Fan – These fans have the advantage of running for a period of time after the light has been switched off continuing to extract the moisture and odours from the room. They can also be operated by a motion detector and be set for a period of time to continue with the extraction.
  • Humidistat Fan – A humidistat fan will have a senor that will continue to monitor the surrounding area. Once the humidity of the area changes (for example when the shower is running) the fan will turn on automatically to extract the moisture. When the humidity is reduced back to normal level the fan will stop.

Free yourself from Condensation, Mould, Bacteria and Odours!

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On completion of our work our electrician will issue an Electrical Installation Certificate for the work that has been carried out.

Please note that from 1st January 2005 most electrical work carried out it Dwellings and Flats (including Gardens) will require notification to the Local Authority Building Control for compliance with PART P electrical safety of the Building Regulations.

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