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Fault Finding & Repair
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Are you worried about:

■ Loss of power
■ Switch stopped working
■ Fuses keep blowing
■ RCD keeps tripping
■ Lights flickering
■ Tripped circuit breaker
■ Felt an ‘electric shock’ off something
■ Burning fishlike smell
■ Socket hot to touch

If an electrical installation has not been maintained on a regular basis or has been installed incorrectly to begin with, things can start to go very wrong.

This is when you should give us a call.

Faults can pose a very serious danger of electric fires, electrocution and even death if they are not corrected quickly before the event has had a chance to occur!

Do not take chances!

We offer a complete fault finding and repair service for all domestic installations covering anything from a tripped circuit breaker to something that could be far more complex.

We have the knowledge, skills, and expertise to provide a fast solution and effective repair to make your electrical installation safe.

Do not waste another minute!

call us today on 0792 559 3061 for a free estimate

On completion of our work our electrician will issue an Electrical Installation Certificate for the work that has been carried out.

Please note that from 1st January 2005 most electrical work carried out it Dwellings and Flats (including Gardens) will require notification to the Local Authority Building Control for compliance with PART P electrical safety of the Building Regulations.

We can arrange a LABC notification for you absolutely free! – Call us now!

For further information about PART P see FAQ – PART P