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Smoke Alarm Systems
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Do you have smoke alarms in your property?

Do you check and test your smoke alarms?

The installation of smoke alarms can significantly increase the level of safety by automatically giving you an early warning of a fire and precious time to escape the building.

Government statistics show that there are some 12,500 fires reported every year having an electrical source of ignition, causing around 25 deaths and 590 non-fatal injuries.

Some of these accidents are due to the rising number and variety of electrical systems and appliances used in the home having greater demands put on them.

Part B (Fire Safety 2006 edition) of The Building Regulations 2000 advises that all new dwellings (including those converted into dwellings and dwellings when altered or extended) should be fitted with an automatic fire detection and alarm system.

All electrical installation works are required to meet with the requirements of Part P (Electrical Safety).

Smoke alarms should be provided to the circulation area of each floor of a dwelling. The unit should be no more than 7.5m from the door to every habitable room, while also being close enough to bedroom doors for the alarm to be effective when occupants are asleep (say 3m).

If a kitchen is not separated from the circulation space by a door, a compatible interlinked heat detector should also be provided in the kitchen.

There are two types of smoke alarms:

Ionisation – These are very sensitive to flaming fires such as a frying pan fire and will activate before the smoke gets too thick.

Optical – These are more effective in detecting smouldering slow burning fires or overheated electrical wiring.

How we can help! – Test It Electrical Services Ltd are AICO FIRE TRAINED INSTALLERS!

■ Provide you with a written detail quotation
■ Design, Install and Test a new interlinked smoke alarm system
■ Supply both Ionisation and Optical Alarms with battery backup
■ Notify the Local Authority Building Control on your behalf
■ Issue a Certificate of Design, Installation and Commissioning of Fire Alarm & Fire Alarm Systems of Grade B, C, D, E or F in a dwelling.
■ Issue you with a completed BS7671 Electrical Installation Wiring Certificate for the work

You are more than twice as likely to die in a fire at home if you have not got smoke alarm!

Do not take chances!

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On completion of our work our electrician will issue an Electrical Installation Certificate for the work that has been carried out.

Please note that from 1st January 2005 most electrical work carried out it Dwellings and Flats (including Gardens) will require notification to the Local Authority Building Control for compliance with PART P electrical safety of the Building Regulations.

We can arrange a LABC notification for you absolutely free! – Call us now!

For further information about PART P see FAQ – PART P