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Visual Condition Reports
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What is a Visual Condition Report?

A Visual Condition Report (VCR) is ideal for an electrical installation that has undergone a full Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) but requires more frequent routine checks.

They are often adopted by Landlords and Letting Agents who see a change of occupancy on a regular basis and Homeowners that are buying or selling a property looking for a general professional opinion on the condition of their installation.

The VCR is a visual-only report of an existing electrical installation to identify, so far as reasonably practicable, any damage, deterioration or defects which may cause danger.

VCR’s are not intended to replace a full EICR and cannot fully determine whether an installation is safe for continued use as it does not include testing the installation with a complete range of test instruments.

It is important to note that a Visual Condition Report is not a British Standard form and may not satisfy the requirement for absolute compliance with a relevant British Standard

Once compiled, the VCR will list any defects found and will conclude a summary of the installation as either of the following:

■ Satisfactory – Visually not unsatisfactory or,
■ Unsatisfactory – Significant damage deterioration and/or defects being evident.

Where a VCR has already been compiled a discount is offered to anyone requesting a full EICR Report following an unsatisfactory result.

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